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What is CTP?

CTP is termed as “Certified Tax Practitioner”. ITT has designed this training as a self- employment opportunity for the related education professionals. This aims to enhance the confidence and skills of the professionals for commercial and corporate practices.

Appearance by Authorized Representative

  •      Any taxpayer who is entitled or required to attend before the Commissioner, the Commissioner (Appeals) or the Appellate Tribunal in connection with any proceeding under this Ordinance may, except when required under section 176 to attend personally, attend by an authorized representative.
  •      For the purposes of this section and subject to sub-section (3), an authorized representative of a taxpayer shall be a person who is a representative of the person under section 172 and any of the following persons, namely:– 
    •       (a) A relative of the taxpayer; 
    •      (b) A current full-time employee of the taxpayer;
    •      (c) Any officer of a scheduled bank with which the taxpayer maintains a current account or has other regular dealings; 
    •      (d) Any legal practitioner entitled to practice in any Civil Court in Pakistan; 
    •       (e) Any accountant; or   
    •      (f) Any income tax practitioner.  
  •      In this section –   “accountant” means –
    •       (a)    a chartered accountant within the meaning of the Chartered Accountants Ordinance, 1961 (X of 1961);  
    •      (b)    a cost and management accountant within the meaning of the Cost and Management Accountants Act, 1966 (XIV of 1966); or 
    •       (c)    a member of any association of accountants recognized for the purposes of this section by the Central Board of Revenue; and 
  •      “income tax practitioner” means a person who is registered as such by the Central Board of Revenue, being a person who possesses such qualifications as may be prescribed for the purposes of this section or who has retired after putting in satisfactory service in the Income Tax Department for a period of not less than ten years in a post or posts not below that of Income Tax Officer.


    A step towards
  •      Self- Employment
  •      Better Job Opportunities
  •      Better Tax Collection
  •      Transparent Tax History
  •      Tax Awareness
  •      Working confidence through Practical and real time trainings
  •      Providing Trained resources to corporate and commercial market

What Areas Of Practice It Cover

  •      Tax Registration Requirements
  •      Tax return Filing practice:
    •      Income Tax
    •      Sales Tax
    •      With Holding Tax
    •      PRA/KPRA/SRB
  •      Final Account Preparation
  •      Business Performance Analysis
  •      Accounting Software Usage
  •      Business Feasibility Report Making
  •      Business Registration from multiple departments, SECP Registration of Firms, IPO, PSW, PEC.
  •      Business compliance requirements & understanding of compliance procedure
  •      Audited Accounts requirements from Departments
  •      Internal Audit Practice
  •      Understanding of Tax Notices and its compliance procedures
  •      Understanding of FBR Authorities and Appeal Procedures
  •      ITP Preparation
  •      Job Interview Preparation
  •      Test Assessment

Training methodology & Trainers Approach

Training methodology

  •      Practice on Portal (IRIS)
  •      Data Collection techniques
  •      Privacy Ethics during assignment
  •      Real time industry data & case studies

Trainers Approach

  •      CA, ACCA, LLB, Experienced corporate and commercial practitioners
  •      Qualified Trainers
  •      Field related experience from BIG 4 audit firms, multi-nationals or good corporate sector for better exposure
  •      Supervision in Assignments
  •      Query responsive

ITT Admission Criteria

Professional Qualification

C.A Inter, CIMA inter, ACCA part qualified, CPA part qualified, CMA part qualified PIPFA part qualified.

Academic Qualification
  •      B.com /M.com
  •      BBA / MBA
  •      B.SC / M.SC (Accounts & Finance)
  •      LLB/ LLM

ITT Assessment Criteria for CTP

Technical MCQ’s

Scenario based question on
  •      Income tax
  •      Sales tax

Notice Compliance techniques
  •      Income tax
  •      Sales tax
  •      Departmental (SECP, PRA, FBR, IPO)

Financial statements requirements from
  •      SECP
  •      FBR

Business Analysis using Financial Ratio

MS Excel Assignment

Registration requirements and documentation required
  •      AOP
  •      FBR
  •      SECP
  •      IPO
  •      Import & Export License
  •      PRA

Audit requirement & Compliance from
  •      SECP
  •      FBR

A Professional bench interview need to be satisfied after assessment

500-600 practical training hours is required for membership

ITT Membership Criteria

  •      90% Attendance in ITT training will be required.
  •      CTP training, assessments and interview clearance will be required from ITT

CTP for organizations

  • ITT by considering the expectation of the employer organization ensures its quality by compiling the training statement with the help of our systemized training methodology for each training.
  • This is for, providing the trained and relevant human resources according to the requirements of the employer organization. Our trained professionals are working in prominent organizations, creating a new avenue of growth, commitment & professionalism.
  • We have the best-trained professionals available for hiring as per set criteria, based on qualification, experience, and CPD.
  • ITT aims to provide trained and relevant human resources for accounting, finance, audit, and tax operations through our training CTP(Certified Tax Practitioners)

Trained Resource Directory (TRD)

  • Multiple Resources categories for better quality
  • A Garden of trained resources with updated profiles and relevant experience, for effective and efficient hiring, from corporates and commercial HR & employers respectively
  • Continuous portfolio development for better opportunities
  • Updating members through Webinars on the ITT Online student portal
  • Query Response and assignment supervision or participation with the help of qualified and experienced trainers
  • Internship & Post internship Job opportunities
  • TRD also provides the opportunity for professionals and practitioners from all over the world to work with us as a qualified ITT trainer for ITT Training

Test Module

  •      MCQ’s
  •      Short Questions
  •      Scenarios/Case Studies
  •      Final Accounts Preparation
  •      Tax Return on Portal
  •      Income Tax
  •      Sales Tax
  •      Business Strategy
  •      Financial Reporting
  •      Tax Return on Portal
  •      Ratio Analysis
  •      Audit Techniques
  •      Internal Audit
  •      Tax Return

ITT Membership Support

Help Center
Student LMS
Portal Management System 1 on TRD
Employment / Self-Employement
Updation through webinar