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ITT is the institute that is designed with training ideology. Training is a continuous process and is required in every process and system. The up gradation and amendments in new practices generate working complexities and open new challenges. Hence training plays the most integral part in meeting the demand of change for better operations and eventually for better results.

ITT aims to train our business, commerce, accounting, finance, law and professional qualification graduates for the corporate and commercial market practices. The understanding of law and its practical use in corporate and commercial market practices lead towards a well directed employment career and self employment.

Efficiency, effectiveness & trained human resource are the key ingredients to execute big projects & development of operational management system. ITT by considering the expectations of employer and organizations ensure its quality by compiling the training statements with the help of a systemized training methodology. This is for providing the trained and quality human resource according to the requirement of the employer.


ITT core objective is trainings and professionalism that is in our heart and blood. We train our participants for ethical behavior, best understanding, true and fair practices and legal boundaries.Hence our Certified members play their role in community & nation building benefiting the economy of our mother land. ITT has structured it's trainings for qualified/part qualified members from accountancy bodies, graduates seeking their career in accountancy profession, law graduates, finance professionals and tax practitioners. ITT is there to fill up the gap and build a bridge between employer and pool of best human resource.

  •     Train the professionals for self–employment
  •     For better job performance
  •     To fill the performance and expectation gap of Human Resources and employer organizations
  •     To produce better and trained resources for the market
  •     To provide tax awareness to public at large



  • In 2016, we made Collaboration with Pakistan’s biggest HR group (KHM Group)
  • Trained more than 1500 professionals in tax, accounting and audit field
  • Our trained resources are working in various organizations and Improved their designations with our trainings
  • A large number of participants have started their own consultancies & tax trainings
  • Also many of them working in online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork etc.
  • Launched Pakistan’s 1st practical tax and corporate practice model


   Well Trained resources
   Growth of the Company
   Reduced Training Cost
   Industry-based training
   Interview preparation
   Understanding of organizations’ norms
   Training from well-experienced trainers
   Increase productivity
   Producing Good Fit for organizations
   Committed resources

To Our Resources

  • Quality Education
  • Practical knowledge and hands-on experience
  • Developed specifically for professionals from Accounting, Finance, Commerce & Law background
  • Qualified trainers with versatile and updated experience
  • Opportunities for our trained resources for employment and self-employment
  • Skilled development
  • Preparation for ITP & Organizations
  • TRD Placement
  • Webinars, seminars & workshops
  • Continuous professional development through the ITT Online portal
  • Availability of updated legislation, articles & blog opportunity
  • Internships & post-internship jobs in the Corporate and commercial sector

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  • ITT is an institute providing tax and corporate trainings for the accounting, law, commerce, business administration and professional qualification students. This is to support them in better Job performance and self-employment opportunities.
  • A large of student belong to these education backgrounds, captures a large volume of commercial and corporate practices.
  • ITT considers students which fulfill the eligibility criteria of becoming ITP of FBR personate i.e. B.com at least.
  • ITT then trains the participants in chosen training, and make them fit for better job performance. As trained HR is the need of every organization for better performance and eventually better results.
  • At the find stage case studies are shared with the participants for a clear understanding of scenario and steps to pause/execute the case.
  • ITT aims to produce better quality practitioners for the commercial market.
  • ITT aims to make large number of tax practitioner under proper supervision and practice. This will help in having more tax collection and more new tax payers also.
  • ITT promotes the practitioners by referring our best resources for job placements and the opportunity to be ITT’s qualified trainer for training purpose all over Pakistan. ITT has targeted university students with complete eligibility criteria for these trainings. As large number of students are studying in these institutions in relevant education.

ITT segregates resources on basis of following criteria

   Relevant education background
   Relevant experience background
   CTP training with 90% attendance
   Qualifying ITT exam module

ITT has tried to do its bit in better tax collection in following ways

  • By Training the resources for tax practice, ITT encourages the participants to be tax practitioners. This is done so, by providing them learning & practical training regarding tax filing, notice correspondence appeals & Authorities of FBR and also financial reporting aspects.
  • ITT has encouraged graduates not only the professional Qualification bearer but also students from universities for practical trainings. There is a large number of university graduates in Pakistan. ITT is trying to introduce the tax practitioner scope in academic qualification.
  • With the increase in tax practitioner of good quality, there will be increase in tax collection for country.
  • ITT has introduced the opportunity of being our qualified trainers to the participants with some conditions to be met. This will be a self-employment opportunity for our participants to train our participants all over Pakistan. These qualified trainers will be referred for services and employment on our official website.
  • By increasing better tax practices and ultimately for better collection.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Khalid Javed Farrukh

Deputy Director (Audit) NTDC (retired)

30+ years of public sector experience in audit and Accounts

Ch. Mehdi Hassan Adv.
ACCA, LLB, CPA(Pak), CFC (Canada)
Ahmad Abdullah Khan
ACCA, MSc, CPA, CFC ICMA (Finalist)
Mr. Paiker E Abbas
CA Qualified, Tax Accounting & Finance Professional
Mr. Zaheer Abbas
(CA Finalist, PIPFA, CIPFA)
Mr. Farhan Masood
CA Finalist
Mr. Attique-Ur-Rehman
ACCA, CA Finalist
Mr. Jawad Sarwar
ACCA Member
Mr. Asfand Yar
L.L.B , Tax Practitioner
Mr. Wasiq Mehmood
L.L.B , Tax Practitioner
Mr. Wajahat Qureshi
ACCA Member
Mr. Johar Mehdi
CA Qualified
Mr. Naeem Shahzad
CA Qualified

1. Introduction

ITT is a privacy conscious organization and is committed to safeguard the privacy of your personal information you may have provided while using our website, online portal or Tax Payer Card or any other service. This Privacy Statement explains how we protect your information collected while using our services. By using the website, you agree to the use of such information in accordance with this Privacy Statement & Terms of Use.

2. Information Collection

We may collect personal information or financial information useable for tax payer card when you interact with the Website or online portal, such as if you choose to register or create a user profile on the portal or otherwise provide it to us. Depending on the dashboard of the portal you are using, such information may consist of your name, current job title, company address, email address, telephone and fax numbers, correspondence with you and other financial or non-financial information you provide to us. We will, where necessary, may collect and use such information only for the purpose of services we offer.

3. Information Use

We collect and use your personal information with your consent to provide you with access to the Website or online portal or where we have a legitimate business interest in or other legal basis for, such collection and use. The personal, financial or non-financial information you submit to us may be used to manage online portal, including any of your requests, or to customize or improve the online portal and related services offered to you.

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All of these disclosures may involve the transfer of personal, financial or non financial information to government & non-government entities solely for the purpose of any service provided by ITT. By providing information through this Website, you are consenting to the disclosures described above.

5. Corporate Compliance

Corporate compliance should be an essential part of every business operations, regardless of industry. ITT ensures how your business manages compliance and mitigate risk. Taking preventative measures can protect your organization any untold costs in the long run. Corporate compliance violations can result in fine, penalties, lawsuits, loss of reputation, and more. Corporate compliance covers internal policies and procedures, as well as government laws. The compliance process should be ongoing. Many organizations establish a program to consistently and accurately govern their compliance policies over time. ITT helps and deliver compliance enforcement plan that helps any company prevent and detect violations of rules, fines and lawsuits.

6. Use of Information Provided by Us

Use of any information provided by ITT Global at a sensitive place & any annual compliance as required by law to be executed need to be verified, reconciled and reconfirmed prior to submission. ITT only draft any report as per data provided & disclosure made to us. ITT is not liable or held responsible for any misinformation shared intentionally or unintentionally and use of any service of ITT generated as a result of that information to meet any legislative or non-legislative compliance. Any appeals or replies made or submitted to any government or non-government authorities is carried out prior confirmation with our client or beneficiary.

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8. Information Retention

ITT Global retains personal, financial or nonfinancial information as necessary for the duration of the purpose outlined in this Privacy Statement & Terms of Use. Notwithstanding the duration of the purpose, we may retain your information if necessary to comply with our legal or professional obligations while providing our services or resolve disputes.

9. Right to Access and Control Your Personal Information

We are committed to protect your personal information as far as possible; however, you may have the right to request that we modify, delete, or stop processing your personal information. We deliver after the final review by the client under any line of business i.e. trainings & TRD.

10. Verification of Information Request

For certain personal, financial or non financial information requests, we must first verify your identity before processing your request. To do so, we may ask you to provide us with your full name, contact information, NTN number, CNIC number and relationship to ITT Global. Depending on your request; we may ask you to provide additional information. Once we receive this information, we will then review it and determine whether we are able to match it to the information ITT Global maintains about you to verify your identity.

11. Information Requests for Jobs, Training & Self-Employment

ITT does not share your data to third party prior written consent. If you are submitting a profile information request on behalf of someone other than yourself, please contact us with supporting proof that you are authorized to make the request. This shall be in the form of a written authorization signed by the person whom you are acting on behalf of or a valid power of attorney.

12. Information Security

We have in place reasonable commercial standards of technology and operational security to protect all personal information provided by users via the website, telephonic conversation, company registered email from any unauthorized access, disclosure to third party.

13. Mode of Fee Payment

Please note that the Institute of Tax Trainings only receive fee payments in Institute’s Bank Account.

Any other Bank Account other than provided above does not belong to Institute of Tax Trainings. The Institute is not liable for any loss, damage or expense arising otherwise. The students are advised to observe the terms and the institute will not approve any fund transfer to any account other than above provided Bank Account with mentioned company title and any failure that arises or may arise is not acceptable under any circumstances. Kindly make sure to collect your fee payment receipt after confirmation of your enrollment from our coordinator.

Certificates issued after completion of course is the sole property of institute and ITT reserve the right to cancel any registration or issued certificate if the documents provided by the students are found false or incorrect.

Students are required to fill and submit a feedback during different stages of their training, this helps to analyze, assess and improve the quality of training provided by our trainers.

14. TRD (Trained Resource Directory)

ITT stream line the recruitment process and help you find the right choice for your business. Our portal has thousands of graduates on board and powerful screening process in place to find the right mix of talent. Our assessment criteria is based on the details and supporting documents provided to ITT for TRD purpose only. ITT has integrated real time updates from the recruitment agencies and HR staff, hence no opportunity is missed. ITT is not responsible for any opportunity missed by the applicant

Members can recommend referrals through their portal. Referrals are assessed and evaluated by ITT and if found ineligible after scrutiny their status is not forwarded to TRD. ITT find and rank members based on their experience, education, skill development from our database. The data required from recourses along with their personal information is kept secure and only shared for TRD purpose. HR staff from various organizations can pick & choose from our portal and discover the right people on their dashboard.

15. Assessment Fee Structure

Registered Students of ITT are required to complete the credit hours of course taken before appearing for “Test Module”. Passing percentage is 75% in the Test Module. Non-Registered Student of ITT are required to Complete their registration form, Pay their “Examination Fee” i.e. Rs 3000 and submit their examination form with supporting documents.

  • Recent Education Transcript / Degree / Work Experience
  • CNIC (Both Sides Scanned)
  • Fee Payment Slip i.e. Rs 3000/-
16. Trainers Guidelines & Training Quality

Trainers need to impart Theoretical & Practical Training. We hire Trainers through our TRD on the basis of their education, teaching & market experience, real understanding of taxation and corporate matters.

Question Answer Session regarding previous lecture should be conducted before starting any new topic. Queries from Participants should be answered timely to impart Quality Training. Brief overview of next lectures to be conducted by the trainer and has to be verbally communicated by the trainer at the end of each class. Trainers need to follow the training content & will need to submit the training report of every batch completed.

Trainer is bound to cover all course content with all the workshops and webinars in due course of time. ITT is not held responsible for any delay and penalty is charged to the trainer in case of any complaint regarding course coverage, course completion and quality of training provided. Trainer is only bound to give advice on query asked. If any participant wants to hire trainer for any assignment, trainer is bound to communicate it with ITT and fee has to be charged for the assignment.

17. Changes to Our Privacy Statement & Terms of Use

We may modify or amend this Privacy Statement from time to time at our discretion. When we make changes to this Privacy Statement, we will amend the revision date at the top of this page and such modified or amended Privacy Statement & Terms of Use shall be effective as to you and your information as of that revision date. We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Statement & Terms of Use to view any update.

18. Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact us at info@ittglobal.com, For WhatsApp Contact: 0335-5557388