Audit Assurance Professional


Johar Mehdi

Last Update: 4/13/2023

Program Overview

( Audit & Assurance Professional – AAP ) • Understanding the Audited Accounts Compliance from Departments • Audit Procedures • Audit Reports • Internal Controls & Internal Audit Management


   Category Advance Auditing and Assurance

   Cost Rs 15,000

   No. Of Sessions 12 Lectures

   Instructor Johar Mehdi

   Level Advanced


External Auditing

Introduction To Auditing

  • Describe auditing
  • Distinguish between auditing and accounting
  • Describe assurance services and distinguish audit services from assurance services
  • Differentiate three main types of audits

Engagement Acceptance

Planning (Audit Risk, Materiality & Control testing)

  • Discuss why adequate audit planning is essential.
  • Identify factors considered by auditors in accepting new clients.
  • Gain an understanding of client’s business and industry.
  • Assess client’s business risk.
  • Perform preliminary analytical procedures.
  • Describe the major steps in audit process.
  • Compute common financial ratios.

Quick Overview of Financial Statements, General Ledger & Trial Balance

Audit Procedures

Audit Report:

  • Describe parts of standard unqualified audit report.
  • Specify the conditions for a standard unqualified report.
  • Describe circumstances for appropriate unqualified report.
  • Identify types of audit reports when an unqualified opinion is not justified.
  • Explain effects of materiality on audit reporting decisions.

Audit – Companies Act 2017 requirements

Auditors Professional Conduct

  • Explain the need for the auditor to display integrity, independence and objectivity.
  • Explain the importance of ethical conduct for the accounting profession.
  • Describe the purpose and content of the code of ethics.
  • Describe and apply the rules and procedures when there is a change in professional appointment.
  • Describe and apply the procedures surrounding conflicts of interest

Internal Auditing

  • Fundamental concepts of internal auditing
  • Why Internal Auditing
  • Understanding internal controls
  • Risk Management
  • Culture
  • Reporting