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National Tax Payer Facilitation Card: Your digital tax manager-Keep your Tax-record in your pocket as all your records are readily available for tax audit.

TRD: Portfolio management on Institute website for internship opportunities , Job Hiring and Continuous professional development with skill polishing and profile building while gathering professional training in industry.

Qualified Trainer: Opportunity to work as qualified trainer for professional trainings or providing services in any audit, accounts and taxation assignment.

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Ideology Behind ITT Global

The Institute of Tax Trainings is structured with training ideology in its nucleus. Training is a continuous process and is mandatory to meet the working complexities & efficient performance. Hence training plays the most pivotal role in furnishing the demand of better operations and best practices. We induce systematic mechanism in our professional training to ensure quality and credibility of our training system.

ITT aims to provide training courses to business, commerce, law and finance professionals. The understanding and practical implementation leads an individual to a rewarding career as an entrepreneur, employee or freelancer. This is to deliver efficiency, effectiveness and trained human resource for big projects and effective operations.



KHM For The First Time in Pakistan Has Launched "National Tax Payer Facilitation Card" to Facilitate Tax Payers in Pakistan:

  •      Easy And Fast Access To Your Records
  •      Downloadable Records For Instant Use
  •      Secure & Smart Card For Privacy
  •      Transparent Tax And Financial Status
  •      Annual Compliance
  •      An Easy Access To Your Records

Why Us


ITT Pakistan has designed this professional training keeping in view the needs of professionals, law firms and Tax departments. A Good tax practitioner has a firm grip on tax laws and amendments, updated ordinance and acts, drafting tax calculations and IRIS practical working. FBR notices compliance and correspondence makes our training the most in demand training among students and professionals.

ITT has designed a screening and testing system after completion of our course content. The “Test Module” comprises of MCQs, SEQs, Comprehensive Questions and Practical Implementation of Taxation and Reporting knowledge. Thus quality and assessment of our test module will help to rank our trainees in TRD badge category.


ITT Global

Yes you can join our training as it provides you with sufficient training and practical knowledge. It will give you a kick start before entering in job market. Further you get an added advantage of our portal listing before entering in job market. It will add up to your job prospects and employability as well. You can avail our certification as soon as you provide us with a copy of your graduation transcript just after completing your graduation.

You can avail updated tax laws and any amendments in your student portal. Notes and Blogs are also shared to keep our professionals updated and market ready.

ITT offers both modes of teaching i.e, On- Campus and On-Line mode of teaching. We have our campuses in Lahore and Rawalpindi and soon we have multiple cities in our On-Campus fraternity. We provide zoom classes in online mode of teaching and recording of every class session is also shared to the participants.

We provide 24/7 student portal access to our students and subscribers where our trainers and professionals are readily available to handle your queries. We also provide you with updated tax legislation to help you in FBR notices compliance and correspondence.

ITT state of the art training structure & TRD portfolio management system is available to help you out in your job interview preparation. ITT also helps you get recognized on our TRD portal that surely skyrocket your career and employability in big organizations.

You need to upload your updated resume, included in it is your education history, certifications, workshops, teaching experience & relevant firm/ industry experience.

ITT practical based training & thorough content coverage of ITP syllabus by our trainers is the best preparation to help you pass your FBR interview for Income Tax Practitioner license. ITT also provide it's participants with taxation firm training experience i.e, an added advantage while appearing for ITP license interview.

ITT makes your hiring easy as it adds knowledge, skill, technique and professionalism in your portfolio. ITT collaboration with top organisations and numerous firms on boards will help you get selected by the top recruiters. All these traits by us and your positive approach will help you differentiate from rest and get hired.


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Upload Your Resume For Trained Resource Directory

TRD is a top-notch recruitment platform from Institute of Tax Trainings. We have plenty of excellent trained resources for every type of industry and target market. TRD is a system that focuses on diversity, inclusion, and equality, so it’s the ideal platform with a vast database of experienced professionals under one roof.

Upload Your Resume To Become Registered Trainer Of ITT

If you’re a trainer and have got the teaching skills i.e. from planning engaging lectures to training & guiding the professionals as they grow. The prerequisites are the professional qualification, the relevant experience and the temperament to be a great educator.